All our members will have to qualify in an elimination race (video below) before they can preform virtual Red Bull Stunts!

    All members of the Red Bull Stunt Team, make sure that you have had practice with the Extra300S before you fly this elimination race because if you get eliminated you will only be given 1 chance to make up that Loss. This elimination race will be held in Frankfurt/Main Int Airport at Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF).

Eliminated Pilots-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    If you get eliminated in this elimination race then you will have another course set up at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas (KIAH). And if you can't finish that course in less than 5 minutes then you will not be accepted in the Virtual Red Bull Stunt Team!

                                        GOOD LANDINGS ONLY!

How This Race Will Work!

    Will be Updated Soon! ----------------------------------------------------------------------

How to create your Stunt!

To create your own stunt you must follow the following rules:

-must be related to aviation

-has to have an Extra 300S as the Stunt aircraft

-Stunt must be written on a Word Document

-Once you are done writing your Stunt, E-mail it to me at and I will be more than happy to Post it on my website!